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The Kinsey-Albrecht Programme centres on the health of the soil – its structure, chemistry and biology. The underlying principle is: Feed the soil and let the soil feed the plants.

A soil’s chemical make up determines its physical structure and, therefore, its biology. By balancing nutrient levels, relative to each other, the Kinsey-Albrecht Programme is able to significantly improve the productivity of the soil and therefore the quality and quantity of the crop or pasture grown in that soil.

Soil consultant Neal Kinsey has worked with farmers across all 50 American states and in more than 65 countries. His consultancy covers the spectrum of soil-dependent operations, including large-scale ranches, traditional intensive farms, cropping operations, organic farms, forests and gardens.

A farmer himself, Bruce Hore – owner of AgriGanics – is New Zealand’s most experienced Kinsey-Albrecht

consultant and he continues to study under Neal Kinsey, regularly attending advanced training modules in the US.

Bruce farmed in the Maniototo, Central Otago, before establishing AgriGanics in 2009. His philosophy that farming more profitably also means farming more sustainably – that the two go hand in hand.

He also believes that fertiliser advice should be independent – not provided by the same company that then sells the fertiliser.

Bruce consults on a huge range of crops, including pasture, potatoes and potato seed, rye, wheat, barley, carrot seed, beetroot seed, onions, brown top seed, wheat, peas, ryegrass seed and fodder beet. The link below takes you to a slideshow of images, which demonstrate the health and evenness of crops grown using the Kinsey-Albrecht Programme.

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Bruce Hore

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